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502 Rhythm Wheel Combo: Half Loved         1997
509 Deathrow: Love Is Forever/Funny Girl    1988
510 Whistle Bait: Honeysuckle Jump              1988
513 Whistle Bait: Tiikerihai/Käy Tanssimaan    1989
518 Housewreckers: I'm In Love/Run Boy Run 
524 Hal Peters and his Trio: Rock Me Up/Blue Blue Day
526 Housewreckers: Coming To Get You/Hello From Nowhere 
527 Tortilla Flat: Los Flying Tortillas/Margarita 
532 King Rats: Lonely Fool/Chains of Love
533 Hank Edwards with Hal Peters and his Trio: In The Silence of the Night/I Wish I Had a Nickel
534 Ray Campi with Hal Peters and his Trio: Chicken/Finlandia Is Grandia 
541 Willie Lewis: Li'l Pig Rock/The Reminicin' Boogie
542 Barnshakers: She Done Quit Me/So Doggone Blue  1993
543 Shaun Young: Our Last Night/Heartache Heartbreak
544 The Frantic Flattops: Slippin' In/Go Man Go
552 Dave & Deke Combo: Chew Tobacco Rag/Twin Guitar Twist (w/Lester Peabody)
553 Go Getters: Gangwar/Hobo Baby  
554 Sean Mencher: When You Smile/Comanche Moon
555 Hal Peters and his Countrymen : Hard Hearted Girl/Don't Cry Baby  
559 Bull's Eye: My Baby Don't Rock/Me And The Blues
561 Go Getters: MexiGo!/Madman Blues
563 Infernos: Fool/Local Boy
566 Barnshakers: Wiggle Like a Worm/Choo Choo's Coming Back     1996
567 Barnshakers: Desperate Santa/Santa's Got A Brand New Pedal Steel    1996
569 Marti Brom: Kisses For Christmas/Sleigh Bell Rock 
580 Slap Sally Combo: Somebody Lied/Three Alley Cats
583 The Barnshakers: Hocus Pocus/Gone A-Rockin'            1997
588 Mary Ann: Flyin' Saucer Boogie/Hey, Little Dreamboat/Hang On Folks, Here We Go
589 The Jive Bombers: Why Do You Treat Me This Way/Hole In The Wall
MILLE 2000 The Barnshakers: Move On/What'cha Gonna Do 
GRSI 205 Malcolm Chapman  

7899 Hal Peters and his Stringdusters: Oh Stop!/(You're Drivin') On The Wrong Side Of The Road
GR 78-2 The Ranch Girls & Their Ragtime Wranglers: Tennessee Saturday Night/Kokomo 

501 Bird Dogs: Jumpin' Jukebox                                       1984   (SRRS ep-501 re-issue)
504 Ballroomers: Sway                                                     1985
505 Deathrow: Live Fast                                                   1986
506 Whistle Bait: Whistlin' For You                                   1987
508 Hal Peters Trio: Happy Again                                     1987
511 Hal Peters and his Trio: You Don't Have To Worry    1988
514 Rhythm Hogs: Real Rock Drive                                   1989

516 Screamin' Lord Sutch: Live In Helsinki 
517 Tortilla Flat: Double Date
520 Freddie "Fingers" Lee: Streetlights 
523 Hillbilly Combo: Cajun Twist
535 47 Indians: Kazango//Off White/Sweet Rita
537 Silver Bullets: Sea of Heartbreak//New Shade of Blue/Sweet Sweet Girl
545 Slap Sally Combo: Cotton Patch Hop  
546 Barnshakers: Complicated Fool  
547 Big Bertha and the Bulldozers: Nuoruustango 
556 Ranch Girls & Ragtime Wranglers:
557 Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers: Blues, Boogie & Rhythm 
570 Darrell Higham & The Barnshakers: Sweethearts or Strangers 
579 Ellis And The Angry Teens: We Like Alcohol!
587 Dale Hawkins: Wildcat Tamer  
595 Eino Rastas: Hiawatha
596 Lil' Esther & her Domtown String Swingers: No Time For Love
598 Marti Brom & The Barnshakers: Maybe I Do
AUSSIEP-99 The Go Getters: Australian Tour '99  
GREP 201 Carlos & The Bandidos: Angel With Dirty Wings +3  
GREP 202 Cave Catt Sammy 
GREP 203 Somethin´ Else 
GREP 204 The Rockin´ 8-Balls  

GREP 207 The Barnshakers: 10th Anniversary (EP)
XMAS 210 The Go-Getters Run Rudolph Run (45)
10' LP't
1031 Barnshakers: Cool Enough 
1051 Shaun Young: Baby Doll Boogie
1081 The Rhythm Wheel Combo: Live At Kaisaniemi  
1082 Hal Peters & His Stringdusters: Lonesome Hearted Blues
1086 Go Getters: Rock & Roll is Everywhere!  
1091 Dale Hawkins: Born In Louisiana
61001 The Stillmen: All Hopped Up  
61002 Knockout Greg & Blue Weather: Wig Out (10" + 7")

12' LP:t
6007 Deathrow: Thirsty Beat (Mini LP)                             1987
6012 VA: Rock and Roll Call                                           1988
6015 Hal Peters and his Trio: Rockin' The Country
1990 VA: Fin-A-Billy 1990
6022 Jussi "Big John" Raittinen with Hal Peters and his Trio: Long Black Train (12'EP)
6029 Rhythm Hogs: Hangover Mornings (12'EP)                    1991
61005 Whistle Bait: The Beat-O-Tronic Sound Of             2004
6021 Housewreckers: Watch Out
6025 Hal Peters and his Trio feat. Ray Campi: Baby I'm Ready
6028 King Rats: Booze Party (12' EP)
6030 Tortilla Flat: Every Kinda Wimmen
6040 Jack Scott: Rave On 
6065 Go Getters: Hotter Than Pepper
6074 High Noon: Live In Texas And Japan
61203 The Beetle Crushers: Introducing 
61204 "Jimmy Lee" Fautheree: I Found The Doorknob  
9003 VA: On The Move                                                   1985 
9068  Barnshakers : String-O-Rama                                   199?

CD singlet / CD EP:t
658 Housewreckers: Wreck It Up
684 Ellis & The Angry Teens: Alcohol 
685 The Housewreckers: Tiger Of Hell 
692 Housewreckers: I Want You All (promotion only CDEP) 
601 Mr Breathless: Punkkua 
602 The Housewreckers: I Never Lie To You (CDS-radio promo) 
603 The Go Getters: Brand New Cadillac  
604 Johnny Trouble & The Razors: Dreamin Jeanie  
606 The Huskies  
6021 Housewreckers: Watch Out
6030 Tortilla Flat: Every Kinda Wimmen
6036 VA: Rock-A-Billy Record Co. sampler  
6038 Hal Peters and his Trio: Fireball Mail 
6039 High Noon: Glory Bound  
6048 Barnshakers: A Honky Tonk Session  
6049 Slippers: Chance To Dance  
6050 Housewreckers: For A Few Wrecks More  
6060 High Noon: Stranger Things 
6062 Shaun Young: Red Hot Daddy 
6064 Willie Lewis: The Complete Rockabilly Sessions 
6065 Go Getters: Hotter Than Pepper 
6068 Barnshakers: String-O-Rama 
6071 Ranch Girls & Ragtime Wranglers: Hillbilly Harmony 
6072 Lester Peabody: Focus On Guitars
6073 High Noon: Show & Dance plus
6075 Big Bertha and The Bulldozers: Laka Tong 
6076 Nono Söderberg: Hot Wires 
6077 Pete Gage: Out of Hours 
6078 Carl Sonny Leyland: Farrish Street Jive 
6082 Hal Peters & His Stringdusters: Lonesome Hearted Blues
6086 Go Getters: Rock & Roll is Everywhere! 
6090 Darrel Higham & The Barnshakers: High Class Baby  
6091 Dale Hawkins: Born In Louisiana  (limited edition 5 copies pressed)  
6092 Housewreckers: Wreck & Roll  
6093 Marti Brom: Lassooed Live 
6094 Ellis and the Angry Teens: Put The Blame On Alcohol 
6097 Narvel Felts: at The Rollin' Rock "Those Pink & Black Days"  
6100 Goofin' Around - A Compilation of Goofin' Records 1984-1999 (2CD)
6101 Mr Breathless: Time To Rock  
6102 The Slippers: Broken Bones (mini-CD) 
6103 The Wanglers: The Wanglers  
6104 Ellis & The Angry Teens: Rock 'n' Roll Saturday Night  
6105 Miss Mary Ann & Her Ragtime Wranglers: Mad Mama  
6106 The Go Getters: Welcome To Sin City  
6107 Dr Snout & His Hogs Of Rhythm (Mini-CD) 
6108 The Rockin´ 8-Balls: Eight Balls O´Fire  
6109 The Barnshakers: North Of Juarez (Mini-CD) 
6110 The Silver Bullets: Out At Least  
6111 VA: Rock Baby Rock It - 1957 cult R&R movie soundtrack 
6112 Dave Travis: Jukebox Cadillac  
6113 The Housewreckers: Wreckers' Party 
6114 Ellis & The Angry Teens: Can You hear the sound  
6115 The Hoedowners: Hoedown Jamboree (Mini-CD)
6116 High Noon: What Are You Waiting For?  
6117 Nono Söderberg: Twisting Standards  
6118 The Barnshakers: Five Minutes To Live  
6119 The Wanglers: Glass Radio  
6120 The Go Getters: Live In Los Angeles  
6121 The Stingers: Third Gear
6122 Deathrow: Goofin' Recordings 
6123 Ray Collins' Hot Club: Honk My Horn 
6124 Go Getters: Motormouth 
6125 Beetle Crushers: Introducing 
6126 Barnshakers: Singles Album 
6127 Shaun Young: Wiggle Walk (CD) will be released in Dec 2004
6128 Goofin' Records 20th Anniversary Party (Mini-CD)

Hal Peters : First Ten Years (1985-1995)                        1995



6701 Marti Brom & The Barnshakers: Snake Ranch (CD) 
6702 Marti Brom with Cornell Hurd Band: Feudin´& Fightin´ (Mini-CD)
6703 Marti Brom: Wise To You (CD)
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