Jussi Syren : Mandolin. ld-voc ( Red Hot, Ranch Riot, Jussi Syren & Groundbreakers, Jussi Syren & Rockabilly Revival )
Ilpo Niiranen : gtr. voc.
Jussi Matikainen : banjo. voc
Hannu Vanhatalo : dbl bss. (Red Hot)
Mikko Vanhatalo : dobro, vcl ('92-)

Genre : Bluegrass

s/t...................................................................... Omakustanne, 1988
A1: Nothing More Than Just A Dream
A2: Never Again
A3: Lonesome Pine
A4: Blue Grass Truckdriver
A5: Lake Country Special
B1: The Old Home
B2: Shenandoah Waltz
B3: Moonlightonmycabin
B4: Hardhardtimes
B5: Light At The River
J. Syren
B. Williams
Cline, Paxton
Moore, Napier
J. Syren
C. Stanley
Moore, Wise
H. Hawkins
J. Martikainen

single......................................................................... Backroad . BRS 101, 1990
A: Spring Time Is Near
B: Paul And Silas

Empty Mansions ................................... Bluelight . BLR 3311 CD, 1993
1. When the Wine Has Lost It's Flavour
2. Id Like to be Sixteen Again
3. Freight Train Blues
4. Springtime is Near 
5. Maple on the Hill
6. These Men of God
7. Walter Webb
8. How Great Thou Art 
9. Up in the High Country 
10. Chicken Bone Rag 
11. Empty Mansions
12. These Days in the World of Sin
13. Beautiful Bouquet
14. Drifting Away  
Jussi Syren
Don Suitor, Benny Williams, Chaw Mank
Jussi Syren
Gussie Davis
John Duffey
Ray Flowers
Roy McMilan
Jussi Martikainen
Daryl Hutchins
Jussi Martikainen
Dusty Rose, Rose MAddox
Bill Monroe
Levyarvostelu Rumble 3/1993
Julkaisematonta Lake Country Boys

13.12.1993 Radiomafia, Kantrispagetti
- Someone Told My Story In A Song
- White Dove
- Henry Laid A Shine On Me
- Roll On, Buddy, Roll On
- Two-Dollar Bill (Long Journey Home)
M. Haggard
Carter, Stanley
Teddy Wilburn, Doyle Wilburn
(- K.W. Blomqvist & The Lake Country Boys: I Saw The Light = puolen minuutin spontaani "jami" Tutti Frutti -ohjelmassa)
Moondogs 3/1983 uutisissa seuraavasti:
"...The Red Hot Rackets on hajonnut, mutta Jussi Syren hoiti uuden yhtyeen kasaan, joka on nimeltään MOONSHINE BOYS linjana melko puhdas country"
Moonshine Boys treenaili, mutta eivät käyneet keikoilla.
1995- homma jatkuu
Jussi Syren: mandolin, lead vocals 
Juha Pekka Putkonen: guitar vocals 
Tauri Oksala: banjo, vocals 
Kari Hella: bass, vocals  


LP (+CD)
The Old Home Place Ain't the Same Anymore ....... Snowflake, JSGCL 22102,      2012
A1: My Childhood Home
A2: Detroit Blues
A3: The Old Place Ain't The Same Anymore
A4: Blue Field
A5: Syren Stomp
A6: Goin' Like Wildfire
B1: East Kentucky Coal Mining Man
B2: Shenandoah Waltz
B3: My Lord Keeps A Record
B4: Rockhill Ride
B5: Your Old Standby
B6: Country Strings
Ted Lundy
Jussi Syren
Jussi Syren
Stonewell JAckson
Jussi Syren
George E. Krise
Jussi Syren
Clyde Moody, Chubby Wise
Carl Story, William York
Tauri Oksala
Jim Eanes, Wade Perry
Bill Browning, Rudy Thacker
Recorded at Mankku Studio, Porvoo/Finland 22. & 23. 4.2012.  100% studio live recording.
Jussi Syren: mandolin, lead vocals 
Juha Pekka Putkonen: guitar, harmony vocals 
Tauri Oksala: banjo, harmony  vocals 
Kari Hella: bass, harmony  vocal
Nelli Ikola: fiddle, harmony  vocal
Marko Vanhatalo: dobro (A2)

There's No Greater Message ...................... Snowflake JSGCL 23102,    2013
A1: Brother Joe The Gospel Dj
A2: When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels
A3: Echoes From The Burning Bush
A4: There's No Greater Message
A5: We Need A Whole Lot Of More Of Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock And Roll)
A6: Mama Always Had A Song To Sing
B1: Vision Of John
B2: A Sign Of His Wonderful Grace
B3: The Old Rugged Cross
B4: There'll Be No Dying
B5: Garden In The Sky
B6: The Sacrifice
Jussi Syren
Hank Williams
Byron Foust
Jussi Syren
Wayne Raney
Dottie Rambo
Curly Dan
Samuel Hain
George Bennard
Jussi Syren
Louisiana Lou
Jussi Syren
Recorded at Mankku Studio, Porvoo/Finland 9.&10.8.2013. 100% studio live recording.
Jussi Syren: mandolin, lead vocals, harmony vocals (B5)
Juha Pekka Putkonen: guitar, harmony vocals (A1.4)
Tauri Oksala: banjo, harmony  vocals (A1,3-5 B2,4,6), finger pickin' guitar (A3)
Kari Hella: bass, bass  vocals (B4)
Nelli Ikola: fiddle, harmony  vocals (A3,5 BB4,6)
Veera Syren: harmony vocals (A6)
Hertta Syren: harmony vocals (A6)
Aarne Syren: guitar (B5), lead vocals (B5)harmony vocals (A6,B2)
Ilpo Niiranen: bass vocals (A3)

Factories and Fields ......................... Bluelight BLR 3361 2, 1999
01: Darling Nellie across the sea 
02: Walkin' in 
03: Factories and Fields 
04: Hot Pot 
05: Golden City 
06: Ramblin' Man 
07: Long, Dark Tennessee Nights 
08: Midnight Winds 
09: Where Shall I Be 
10: We Could Use a Little Rain 
11: God Put a Rainbow In the Clouds 
12: Jessica 
13: Bad News


The Verdict ...................................... Bluelight BLR 3385 2, 2002
1: The Weatherman
2: The Verdict
3: Shotgun Rider
4: Old Deacon Jones
5: Didn't They Crucify My Lord
6: Sawmill Blues
7: A Boy Called Lonesome
8: Drivin' My Life Away
9: Down In The Wasted Valley
10: White Water Rag
11: Billy Jack Washburn
12: Moses Smote The Water
13: Nothing More Than Just A Dream
Jussi Syren: mdl/gtr/vcl, J.P. Putkonen: gtr/h-vcl, Tauri Oksala: banjo/h-vcl, Kari Hella: bs-gtr/h- vcl
+quests Kukka Lehto :fdl. Marko Vanhatalo: dobro

Sea Of Changes .................................. Bluelight BLR 33112 2, 2004
01: Sea Of Changes
02: Some Old Side Road
03: Haulin´ The Logs
04: Highways And Gravel Roads
05: Man Made Of Glass
06: Simple Man
07: Stranger In A Strange Land
08: The Legend Of Larry Thorne
09: Restless
10: Coal Mining Country
11: Darkness, Darkness
12: Life Of A Steel Driving Man
13: Life Of A Steel Driving Man (video) 

Heartgrass - An Acoustic Tribute To HIM ... Bluelight BLR 33123 2, 2005
1: The Sacrament
2: Wings Of A Butterfly
3: In Joy And Sorrow
4: Solitary Man
5: Right Here In My Arms
6: The Funeral Of Hearts
7: Join Me
8: Buried Alive By Love
9: Dark Light
10: Heartache Every Moment
Ville Valo
Ville Valo
Ville Valo
Neil Diamond
Ville Valo
Ville Valo
Ville Valo
Ville Valo
Ville Valo
Ville Valo
11 Buried Alive By Love (video)
Jussi Syren: mdl,vcl, J.P. Putkonen: gtr/h-vcl , Tauri Oksala: banjo/h- vcl, Kari Hella: bs-gtr/h- vcl  
+quests Kukka Lehto :fdl(3,8). Marko Vanhatalo: dobro (1,6,9)


Most Requested ...........................................  Goofin', GRCD6145, 2007
1. Life Of A Steel Driving Man.
2. The Legend Of Larry Thorne
3. White Water Rag
4. The Verdict
5. Midnight Winds
6. Stranger In A Strange Land
7. We Could Use A Little Rain
8. Jessica
9. Factories and Fields
10. Sea Of Changes
11. Highways And Gravel Roads
12. Golden City
13. Haulin’ The Logs
14. Down In The Wasted Valley
15. Sawmill Blues
Dallas Wayne
Ilpo Niiranen, Syren
Esa Kuloniemi, Syren
Jussi Syren: mdl,vcl, J.P. Putkonen: gtr/h-vcl , Tauri Oksala: banjo/h-vcl, Kari Hella: bs-gtr/h- vcl  
+quests : Kukka Lehto :fdl (3,7,13). Marko Vanhatalo : dobro (1,2,4,5,7,8,9,12)/h-vcl(5,7,8,9,12). Jyrki Levä : h-vcl(7,8,9,12). Rami Soini : db-bss(5,11). Ilpo Niiranen : pedal-steel/h-vcl(12)

Kuukauden levy: Ducktails 4/2007

From Vyborg to L.A. .................................... Goofin', GRCD6156,    2009
01: Call Of The Big Wind
02: Farmer's Son
03: Cadillac Lane
04: Eagle And The Plowman
05: It's Draggin' Me Down
06: Mr. Bojangles
07: From Vyborg To L.A.
08: Matty Groves
09: God's Own Singer
10: Rumble On The Blue Ridge
11: The Ghost Of Laura Wilkins (Laura Häkkisen Silmät)
Jussi Syren
Thomas Blom
Red Simpson, Buck Owens
A.P. Sarjanto, Jussi Syren
Jussi Syren, Mikki Niinivaara
Jerry Jeff Walker
Jussi Syren
Bernie Leadon
Jussi Syren
J.Karjalainen, Jussi Syren
Jussi Syren: mdl,vcl, J.P. Putkonen: gtr/h-vcl , Tauri Oksala: banjo/h- vcl, Kari Hella: bs-gtr
Hanna Ruuskanen : vcl (8). Esa Eloranta :vcl (9). Veera Syren : h-vcl (11). Kukka Lehto : fdl (4,7,9,10). Marko Vanhatalo : dobro (2,3,6,7,9,10). Ilpo Niiranen : pedal steel (9).

Shave and Haircut ........................................... Goofin',  GRCD 6168, 2011
01: 100 Proof Heartaches
02: Roses Are Blooming
03: Springtime Is Near
04: Lost
05: Southern Lady
06: Walk Slowly Darling
07: When The Flowers Bloom In Dixie
08: Secret Of The Waterfall
09: Big Man
10: Forgotten Grave
11: Down At The Opry
12: My Tears Don't Show
13: Tragedy Of Lake Bodom
James Logsdon
Doc Williams
Jussi Syren
Buzz Busby, Cindy Davis
Tauri Oksala
Ralph Bowman, Hylo Brown
Jussi Syren
Jacob Landers
Ken Clark
Ray Anderson
David Akeman
Carl Robert Butler
Jussi Syren
Leyn oli tarkoitus ilmestyä myös vinyylinä

Bluegrass Singer ................. Home Of Bluegrass HOBG-003, 2015
1. Bluegrass Singer
2. Convict On The Run
3. Daddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore
4. Path Of Broken Dreams
5. Allegheny Waltz
6. Keikyä Mandolin [instrumental]
7. He Reaches For Me
8. The Banjo Song
9. My Dreams Of Yesterday
10. The Auctioneer
11. Coming On Strong
12. ´Til The Hearse Comes Rolling Round The Bend
Jussi Syren
Jussi Syren
Jussi Syren
Jussi Syren
Jussi Syren
Jussi Syren
Jussi Syren
Jussi Syren
Kari Kuuva, Jussi Syren
Leroy Van Dyke, Buddy Black
David Wilkins
Jussi Syren
eri esittäjiä CD

Cash Only, Tribute To Johnny Cash ................. Bluelight  BLR 3388 2, 2002
7. Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers : Big River
Eri esittäjiä CD

Rock and Roll All Night Long - A Rockabilly Tribute to Hurriganes ............  Goofin GRCD 6174, 2012
2: Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers: Mary Jane
Jussi Syren: mdl,vcl, J.P. Putkonen: gtr , Tauri Oksala: banjo/h- vcl, Kari Hella: bss, Nelli Ikola : fiddle
radio esiintymisiä

?.?.1998 Radiomafia, Kantrispagetti (Studio B live)
- Bad News
- Small Town Labourin' Man
- Midnight Winds
- +1
?.?.2000? Radiomafia, Kantrispagetti (Studio B live)
- Remington Ride
- I’m A Long Gone Daddy
- I’m The Bluest Man In Town
Unissued radio live:
Songs by Fogerty
30.5.2006 Radio Mafia
- Cros-Tie Walker
- Hey Tonight
- Lookin'Out My Backdoor
J.C. Fogerty
J.C. Fogerty
J.C. Fogerty
Jussi Syren: vcl, mandolin
Tauri Oksala: banjo, bc-vocals
J.P. Putkonen: guitar, bc-vcl
Kari Hella: bss

Unissued radio live:
Live at Radio Mafia, Kantritohtorin juurihoitoa 13.10.2009
Everly Brothers Tribute -Bluegrass Style-
- Bye Bye Love
- Wake Up Little Susie
- When Will I Be Loved
B. Bryant, F. Bryant
B. Bryant, F. Bryant
P. Everly

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