Edd Karlson: vcl, gtr (Rocket 88, Nite Time Jumpers, Hillbilly Combo...)
Timo Luostarinen: guitars  (Jokers, Port Arthur Bluegrass Band)
Ari Sjöblom: bass (the Jokers, Hillbilly Combo, Flatbroke Trio...)
Pasi Vepsä: drums (the Jokers)
Petri Sulonen: guitars (TPS)

Genre : rhythm and blues

First Gear ................... Omakustanne, EDDY01,    2006
1: Baby Jane
2: Poor Boy
3: Heaven Knows
4: So Much In Love
5: Let's Move
6: Dead Red Roses
7: Tennessee Plates
8: Bad Is Bad
Simmons, Reed, Bishop, Wilson, Nesbitt
Steve Earle
Doherty, Holliday
Jagger, Richard
Peter Staines
Peter Staines
John Hiatt, Mike Porter
Huey Lewis
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Gustavson at Studio Livingroom, Turku Finland July 2005 - March 2006.
Perry Kaasalainen: bc-vcl
Toni Nuotio: bc-cvl
Unreleased Demo 2001?
(The) Devil's Right Hand
Dirty Water
Don't Worry Baby
Let's Move
"just get better with me"
Tell Me What's The Wrong
Steve Earle
E. Cobb
Rosas, Perez, Burnett
Peter Staines

P. Staines

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