(s. 5.3,1938, Booneville, Mississippi, United States)

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Western Standard Time .............................................Bluelight, BLR 33113 1, 2004
B6. Hayden Thompson with Hal Petyers & his Trio : I'M SATISFIED WITH YOU
B7. Hayden Thompson with Hal Petyers & his Trio : GUESS THINGS HAPPEN THAT WAY
A7 B7 Hal Peters and his Trio 
Guest musician :
Hayden Thompson : vocals A7 & B7 , pno A7, ac-guitar B7 .
Heikki Laakonen : ac-guitar, Eino Rastas : ld-guitar, Timo Uimonen : bss & Antero Ryynänen : drums
Kansitietojen mukaan levy vuodelta 2005 ,mutta levyhän oli ulkona 12/2004.

CD: Bluelight,  BLR 33113 2, 2004 

Learning The Game ............... Bluelight, BLR 33184 1, 2017
A1: To The Bone
A2: Trouble On The Line
A3: I Told A Lie A
A4: Faster Than The Speed Of The Sound
A5: Fool Me Again
A6: Hey Hey Train
B1: Guns
B2: Devilish Charms
B3: Honey Sweet**
B4: Don't Go
B5: Since I Met You Baby**
B6: Learning The Game
Hannu Kiviaho
Jim Newcombe, Geoff Taggart
Andy Warner
Jimmy Tittle, Andy Stahl
Ben Cooper
Marty Stuart
Hayden Thompson
Vesa Haaja
Vince Everett
Buddy Holly
** songs on the LP edition only
(limited edition of 300 copies only)
Produced by Mika Railo and Olli Haavisto / A Mutant Production
Recorded in Finland on October 24-26, 2016.
Hayden Thompson: vocal
Pekka Kaasalainen: lead electric and acoustic guitar
Olli Haavisto: acoustic and electic guitar, pedal steel, dobro, lead guitar (1st solo B5)
Mika Railo: double bass
Janne Haavisto: drums, percussion
Petteri Salmi: acustic guitar (A2), percussion

Learning The Game ............... Bluelight,BLR 33184 2, 2017
09: Someday Somewhere Someone Waits For Me*
11: Can't Understand*
Carl Perkins
Herman Parker Jr.
* songs on the CD edition only

s/t ............................................. Bluelight,  BLR 33132 2, 2007
01. Sorrow Break A Good Man Down
02. Black Cloud
03. Big River
04. Just To Satisfy You
05. I've Got It Again
06. Sixteen Dollars Eighty-eight Cents
07. Midnight Blues
08. I'd Run A Mile To You
09. I Wanna Get Home
10. Ninety Seven More To Go
11. Drive Me Out Of My Mind
12. Four Strong Winds
13. No Love Have I
14. Still Nineteen
15. Mystery Train a.k.a. The Happy Song (bonus jam session song)
Waylon Jennings, Jimmy Rule
Bill Brock
Johnny Cash
Don Bowman, Waylon Jennings
Lexie Burk, Mildred Burk
Hayden Thompson
Charlie Rich
Mac Curtis, Glenn Sutton
Hayden Thompson
Ed Bruce
Hayden Thompson
Ian Tyson
Mel Tillis
Jim Newcombe, Geoff Taggart
Herman Parker, Sam Phillips
recorded in Finland, August 7-9, 2006 + overdubs in October-November 2006,
Hayden Thompson:vocals
Tommi Viksten:el. & ac. ld.guitars, harmony vocals on "No Lover Have I",
Olli Haavisto:dobro/pedal st.guitar/mnd/rh.guitar [solo on "Just To Satisfy You]
Pekka Gröhn:keys/el.bass
Pepe Ahlqvist: harmonica
Mika Railo:double bass
Janne Haavisto: drums/perc
Söde Rissanen: back groundvocals
Veera Railio: back groundvocals/vl,
Paavo Hyökki: back ground vocals/violoncello

Standing Tall ........................... Bluelight  BLR 33144 9, 2010
CD 1:
1. Hurtin’ Inside
2. Honey ’Cause I Love You
3. Pretty Lou
4. Still Loving You
5. Without Love
6. Long Black Train
7. Look Out Mabel
8. Crazy Arms
9. Where The Rio De Rosa Flows
10. Whatcha Gonna Do
11. Country Girls
12. Love My Baby
13. Don’t Tell Me Your Troubles
14. Hey Porter
15. You’re A Heartbreakers
16. Cheese And Crackers a/k/a The Happy Song #2
Clyde Otis, Brook Benton, Cirno Colaceai, Teddy Randazzo
Mel Tillis, Wayne Walker
Albert Griffin
Gary Shelton
Nicholas Lowe
Conway Twitty
George Crockett, Melvin London
Ralph Mooney, Charles Seals
James Logsdon, Vic McAlpin
Hayden Thompson, Mike Oury
Paul Kennerley, Marty Stuart
Herman Parker Jr., Sam Phillips
Don Gibson
Johnny Cash
Jack Sallee
Hayden Thompson
Hayden Thompson : vocals, Tommi Viksten : guitar, Olli Haavisto : guitar/dobro/pedal steel, Pekka Gröhn : pno, Mika Railo : db-bss, Janne haavisto : drums.
Recorded by Olli Haavisto at Petrax Studio in Hollola, Finland 7-9.9.2009.

(bonus) CD2 (live with The Barnshakers)
1. Rockabilly Gal
2. You Win Again
3. Blues Blues Blues
4. Don't You Worry
5. Midnight Blues
Robert Cloby, Jack Wolf
Hank Williams
Hayden Thompson
Hayden Thompson
Charlie Rich
Hayden Thompson : vocals/rh-guitar, Jussi huhtakangas : ld-guitar, Vesa Haaja : rh-guitar/bc-vocals, Harri Saanio : pno, Mika Liikari : db-ss/bss-guitar, Mike Salminen : drums.
Recorded live on stage by Tom Nyman at hotelli Waltikka in Valkeakoski, Finland,26.9.2009.
CD2 mukana vain 600 ensimäisessä levyssä.

Booneville Mississippi Flash / The Time Is Now ............ Bluelight BLR 33135 2, 2016
01: Ah Poor Little Baby
02: Drivin' Me Out Of My Mind
03: Born To Lose
04: Had A Little Talk
05: Don't Say That You're Sorry
06: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You
07: Eenie Meenie Minie Mo
08: The Hands Of Time
09: The Boy From Tupelo (1984 Version)
10: I Wanna Get Home
11: A Girl Named Betty
12: When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
13: Pretty Little Love Song
14: Wishful Thinking
15: Fried Chicken
16: Wrong Road Again
17: At The Party Tonight
18: I Still Miss Someone
19: Ain't That Loving You Baby
20: Tell Me That's The Way It Will Be
21: I Ain't Takin' No Prisoners
22: Stonecold Heart
23: Careless Hands
24: The Boy From Tupelo (1987 Version)
25: What'm I Gonna Do
26: Cry Cry Cry
27: You Are My Sunshine
28: Wrong Road Again (1995 Version)
29: Keys To My Kingdom
Ruth Falk, Fred Khoury
Hayden Thompson
Frankie Brown
Hayden Thompson
Paul Reno
Howard Biggs, Joe Thomas
Reece Fleming
Dave Travis
Hayden Thompson
Hayden Thompson
Hayden Thompson
Gene Sullivan, Wiley Walker
Hayden Thompson
Wynn Stewart
Hayden Thompson
Allen Reynolds
Brian Hodgson
Johnny Cash, Roy Cash
Ivory Joe Hunter, Clyde Otis
Hayden Thompson, Donald Chapman
Brian Hodgson, Tony Colton
Brian Hodgson, Ray Peters
Bob Hilliard, Carl Sigman
Hayden Thompson
Hank Strongg
Johnny Cash
Jimmie Davis
Allen Reynolds
Hayden Thompson, Troy Heavner
24-29 Hayden Thompson With Bud Hudson And The Hornets
CD release of two vinyl albums plus bonus tracks:
tracks 1-12: "Booneville Mississippi Flash" (Charly CR 30245), released 1985; produced by Dave Travis, recorded at Meridian Studios, London, England in October 1984;
tracks 13 - 23: "The Time Is Now" (Sunjay SJLP 589), released in November 1990; produced by Brian Hodgson, recorded at Bark Studios, London, England ;
tracks 24 - 29: bonus tracks produced by Hank Strongg, Tim Powell and Hayden Thompson in Illinois, USA in 1987 (24, 25), and by Joe Allan Ericsson and Hayden Thompson (26 - 29), recorded in Sweden in 1995.
Tracks 26 - 29: previously unreleased, track 25: previously unreleased on CD.
Track 24 was released as part of the "The Time Is Now" LP.
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 1990 MTV3 Hyvät, Pahat ja Rumat : Hayden Thompson & Hal Peters & his Trio : Love My Baby
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