JOHNNY LEGEND with the Fightnin' Fin-a-Billies

Martin "Johnny Legend" Margulies: vocals
Sami Roine: gtr, bc-vcl (Stringbeans)
Mika Railo: double bass (Buck Jones & Lone Star Cowboys, Boppin Pete 3, Les Misfits...)
Jarmo "Jami" Haapanen: drums (Melrose)
Boppin Pete and Miki Labar: bc-vcl

I Itch! ............................. Bluelight BLR 33173 1, 2014
A1: Itch (Like A Sonuvabitch)
A2: Mexican Love
A3: Fifth And Main
A4: I'm Loaded
A5: Wild Love
A6: My Baby Ditched Me
B1: One Way Or Another
B2: 3-D Daddy
B3: Standing Here Like A Clown
B4: Witch Doctor
B5: You'll Forget About MeYou'll Forget About Me
B6: Scarecrow
Johnny Legend
Pete Cicero
Pete Cicero
Pete Cicero

Johnny Legend
Debbie Harry, Nigel Harrison
Johnny Legend
Pete Cicero

Pete Cicero
Terry Gilkyson
CD: Bluelight, BLR 33173 2, 2014
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Johnny Legend And His Skullcaps:
Rockabilly Rumble ..................... Rollin' Rock LP-024, 1980
A1: Rockabilly Rumble
A2: The Naked Die Young
A3: Wild Wicked Wanda
A4: The South's Gonna Rise Again
A5: Mad Dog Mama
A6: Hit That Jive Jack!
B1: She's Gone
B2: Rockabilly Bastard
B3: Take Some Ludes And Get Funky
B4: Brand New Baby
B5: Running Gun
B6: Let's Get Goin'
B7: Are You Hep To It?
J. Legend
J. Legend
J. Legend
J. Legend
J. Legend
Alston, Tolbert
T. Duncan, B. Wils
J. Legend
P. Ciero
J. Legend
T. Glaser
P. Cicero
Johnny Legend: vocals, harmonica, rhythm guitar
Ray Campi: double bass, backing vocals
Slavin' David: lead guitar
Jimmie Lee Maslon: lead guitar, backing vocals
Jay Phillips: lead guitar
Jerry Sikorski: lead guitar
Steve Margulies: lead guitar
Mike Henderson: saxophone
Rip Masters: piano
Poppa Jim Durpin: drums
B7 all onstruments Billy Zoom Band
Jay Phillips: backing vocals
Sister Sly: backing vocals

MC: Rollin' Rock ‎– C-024, 1980

Johnny Legend And His Skullcaps:
Soakin' The Bone ..................... Rollin' Rock LP-028, 1981
A1: Soakin' The Bone
A2: No Escape
A3: Guess Who Ain't Gettin' Laid Tonite
A4: Long Long Lonely Hours
A5: Raunchy Tonk Song
A6: Crackin' Up
B1: The Holy Beat
B2: Justine
B3: Instead Of Mine
B4: Demon On The Highway
B5: Night Bird
B6: Rollin' The Rock
B7: Rockabilly Bughouse
Tillis, Peddy
Terry, Harris
Weiser, Koehn
Hélsingin Sanomat 27.6.1981: Rockabillyn kummajainen Johnny Legend
Toive-Sävel N:o 4-1981

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